Vision Board Mastery

Unlocking the power of the vision board.



You have taken the first step to manifesting your dreams.

Vision Boards can be a fun and easy way to create a powerful tool for transformation. But you don't want to just stop at creating a vision board.  When you unlock the power in the vision board, you can see results, transformation and manifestation a whole lot easier and faster.

To get the most out of this program (just like getting the most out of life) it requires a little bit of work.  But fortunately, the “work” here is rather easy.

This program consists of 3 parts:

  1. The Vision Board Mastery audio program.
  2. The Vision Board Mastery video training.
  3. The Vision Board Mastery Step-by-step workbook.

We recommend that you listen to the audio first, then review the video training and then go through the workbook.

Most of all, have fun with it, be excited about it and stick with what you learn here.  Do so and I promise you'll see results beyond what you've experienced in the part.

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Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts
Conscious Creation Guide

About your instructor

Jack Roberts has dedicated his life to helping others create their best outcomes and live the lives they deserve and desire.  

In his life, he has gone from being homeless and living on Skid Row, to creating his own personal development company; “Your Highest Potential”.

In addition to being an accomplished entrepreneur, he is a Spiritual Teacher, Human Potential Coach, Business Trainer, and Professional Speaker.

Jack is also the author of the books, “The Science of Affirmations” and “Breaking Bad Habits” .
Considered one of the leading authorities on the subject, Jack refers to affirmations as, “The world's most powerful technology for change, healing and transformation”.

Jack currently lives in Southern California and serves on the Leadership Council for the Seal Beach Center for Spiritual Living.

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